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Make the Most of Small Spaces with Pact

November 16, 2020 (Toronto) – Keilhauer’s newest collection, Pact™, is a sleek, space conscious response to the modern office’s most challenging demands. It’s no secret that the cost of real estate has resulted in workplaces with smaller footprints. From open concept, to tightly clustered pods, attempts to balance real estate limitations with lounge and collaborative spaces has been a challenge because of scale. Pact, designed for Keilhauer by EOOS, provides a unique solution to this challenge by providing compact, multi-functional, soft-contract pieces that support both privacy and communication.

Originally inspired by the rising popularity of phone booth and pocket spaces, Pact is a 50 piece collection of seating, benches, tables, privacy screens and panels. Each piece is meticulously proportioned to work in the most common sizes of pods and telephone booths, while also being able to stand alone or create customized groupings. Tailored cushions, right-angled corners, delicate legs minimize Pact’s footprint while maximizing comfort and applications. 

A THINKER’S SEAT Whether lost in thought, or deeply focused, the Pact Chair was the first piece designed in this collection and it was created for the prolific “Thinker’s Pose.” Its asymmetric design and rotating tablet arm provides an elbow rest and work surface that can accommodate both left-hand and right-hand users. The asymmetric back/arm rest is also featured in Pact Stools, which come accompanied by a footrest for a slightly different take on the Thinker’s posture.

“When you are on a call and your phone gets heavy, or when your head begins to droop while you are taking notes, it’s natural to rest your elbow, with the chin or cheek resting on your hand. The Thinkers Pose is a universal posture. Despite how common this ritual and posture is, there has never been a piece of furniture specifically designed to support this behavior until now,” says Designer Martin Bergmann of EOOS.

MULTIUSE BENCHES FOR HIGH DEMAND SPACES An immediate challenge in today’s workplace is the need to create spaces that allow isolation while supporting collaboration. The effort to maintain physical distance and prevent the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses in the workplace calls for unique, responsive solutions. Pact is a multi-faceted offering with the tools required to address these concerns in the short term, while providing ongoing support for the office’s long term and ongoing needs: expansion, engagement, and adaptation.  

Pact Benches are a series of significant prototypical forms with a tightly confined footprint. In high-traffic foyers or halls, they create a transitional space where guests can pause, sit, or rest. The benches are equally well suited to arrange in an expansive lounge as they are to creating an intimate, private respite. For a focused one-on-one, the inviting Pact Tête-à-Tête is uniquely well suited. 

Pact Tables provide ideal solitary- and group- work surfaces. Nesting tables are a versatile choice for tight, multi-use spaces. Compactly stored together, or thoughtfully disbursed they provide a surface for your laptop, coffee or papers. Nesting tables are an attractive complement to Pact Seating with a steel base and durable metal or laminate surfaces. As a more substantial solution, three sizes of bistro tables are available to create an inviting hub for small meetings or cafeteria type use. Tables and benches can be co-specified and configured as booths. 

Rounding the collection out, an innovative series of table dividers and screens to provide privacy, dampen acoustics, and create barriers that support physical distance or custom workstations. 

Pact is available for purchase through any Keilhauer sales representative. For more information, please visit


As with all Keilhauer furniture, Pact is built from the highest quality materials, is designed and manufactured to last for many years, and is supported by Keilhauer’s standard 10-year warranty. Pact is expected to carry BIFMA LEVEL® 2 and SCS Global Services certification for Indoor Air Quality at the Indoor Advantage™ Gold level. It is manufactured in facilities that produce zero waste to landfill, and which offset 100 per cent of electricity use with renewable energy credits. The new collection is manufactured using bio-based seat foam and all benches, tables, and stools use Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC ® C117042) Certified wood, ensuring Pact contributes to the sustainable management of the world’s resources. 


Founded in 1981, Keilhauer is a privately owned, design focused contract furniture manufacturer. Keilhauer manufactures seating and tables that makes work more comfortable for all. Keilhauer products are thoughtfully made to support communication and engagement in spaces such as meeting rooms, collaboration areas, lobbies and lunchrooms. Working with world-renowned furniture designers, Keilhauer is internationally recognized for award-winning design, built with extreme craftsmanship, to the highest environmental standards. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. For more information, please visit


EOOS is Gernot Bohmann, Martin Bergmann, and Harald Gründl who studied design together at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna. In 1990, they started their first collaboration and founded EOOS in 1995. They live in Vienna and work in the fields of product, furniture and architectural design. EOOS is named after one of the four sun horses of Greek mythology and stands for their programmatic approach to the field of design.

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